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Prof. John N. Ellinas


Microprocessors Lab

The microprocessors laboratory was created after a systematic work in cooperation with our graduates. It serves three courses (Computer Architecture, Web applications and Digital image Processing) and is equipped with: 2 servers, 10 workstations for lab exercises, 3 workstations for theses development, autonomous LAN, printers, 2 video projectors, digital cameras and video recorder etc. The lab services are supplied by the web-sites: http://mprolab.teipir.gr and http://diplab.teipir.gr. It has recently been developed the web-site http://electra.teipir.gr (under the project name Electra) which enhances the staff-to-student and student-to-student communication aiming in better organization and homogeneous presentation of information and services offered to system users. Some of the Electra features are: electronic registration of students in modules and selection of attending sessions, assignment of students in study/work groups per module session, electronically posting and reading announcements, electronic submission of student assignments with grading, electronic discussions etc.

Reinforcement of Informatics Courses

Participation in this program of Ministry of Education from March 2003 to December 2005, for the development of the “Digital Image Processing” course. The output of this program was the creation of the theoretical and laboratory parts of the course, the development of the web-site http://diplab.teipir.gr and some small projects for the presentation of specific topics.

Research Program Archimedes-ΙΙ

Participation in the research program “Archimedes-II” of Ministry of Education for the reinforcement of research groups among T.E.I. Research objective: “Digital image processing methods for application to stereoscopic vision and surveillance systems”. The coordinator of this project is the Department of Automation, T.E.I. of Thessaloniki. Its duration is January 2005 to December 2006 with a budget of 50000 Euros. We participate as coordinators of the work package “Stereoscopic image and video” and in the work packages “Image enhancement” and “3D position estimation”. There are five publications in journals and international conferences as an outcome.

Research Program ODICIS ODICIS Website

Participation in FP7 European Project ODICIS (“One Display for a Cockpit Interactive Solution”) as a person in charge for the scientific aspects. The project lasts from 1 April 2009 to 1 October 2011 (FP7-AAT-2008-RTD-1 European Framework Program) and concerns the development of a unique touch screen cockpit display. Our department will develop the multi-touch display.

Research Program Adapt2Change Adapt2Change Website

Participation in Life+ European Project Adapt2Change (“Adapt agricultural production to climate change and limited water supply”) as a person in charge for the project. The project lasts from 1 September 2010 to 31 August 2013 (LIFE09 ENV/GR/000296) and concerns the development of a prototype greenhouse with limited resources of energy and water. Our department will develop the automatic control system of the greenhouse.